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SuguiDigest. SE01EP08 — Lift off!

Hello there! Too excited for Space X launch today. Hope you´re all good and safe.

While you read it this week, my suggestion is The Arcs — Yours, Dreamly. The Arcs is a spinoff project from Dan Auderbach (The Black Keys).

Book of the week
The Fine Art of Small Talk — Debra Fine. This book could be called as “Breaking the Ice for Dummies”. It has a lot of hints and tips for introverts start conversations and create bonds with others. It is valuable because on meetings, conferences, new job first days and bars (how I miss it) you can be uncomfortable to don´t know how to start a conversation with a stranger and in some cases, miss a life-longer friend.

*Space X suits are a piece of work compared with Nasa ones. Here are some details, such a 3D-printed helmet and touch-screen sensitive gloves.

*AWS has launched the revisited Analytics Lens, part of the Well-Architected Framework guiding the architect to assure your Data and Analytics applications are in accordance with the five pillars of the framework (Security, Reliability, Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence and Performance efficiency).

AWS Analytics Lens

*On the tail of that, GCP has released its own Architecture Framework with four pillars and they´re: Security, privacy and compliance, Operational Excellence, Reliability, Performance Cost Optimization. Better late than never.

*Remember the Zoom migration from AWS to Oracle Cloud? Voice, video and contact center company 8x8 has migrate for the same reason.

*Mark Rober mastered quarantine while solved a problem. He has a bird feeder on his backyard but squirrels were feeding theirselves and in some cases destroying the feeder. The solution? An obstacle course with elements sought in TV Shows such as “American Ninja Warrior”, “Wipeout” and “Olimpíadas do Faustão” (for brazilians). Take 20 mins of your time to watch:

*What about penguins at the museum?

*Shame of the week goes to: Whatsapp. Israeli company found a Whatsapp fail that permits steal data using a simple phone call and user didn´t even pick up the call. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users around the globe.

*Uber this week has been disposed thousands of bikes of its subsidiary Jump once it´s not profitable as they expected, and recycling is too complicated in their conception. They could use the Bounce (Indian bike share company) example and sell it or donate it for whoever needs.

*Remember Pentagon´s JEDI project? This week, we have some news about it. AWS got a judge decision to stop once again the Microsoft already won process. This start a series of pinpicks between both giants. For 10 billion dollar contract, the fight worth it.

*Raspberry Pi 4 has arrived with 8GB and a lot of power. Tom´s Hardware as usual made a drill down on the brand new hardware. Do you have a raspi project that you want to share? Let us know on the comments.

*If you have 30.000£ available, you can buy the newest Rega Naiad Turntable to listen your old vinyl records.

*Two things are not tolerated when you use the cloud: laziness and ignorance. Proof of that, 10.000USD has been ripped off the monthly billing doing boring work optimizing DynamoDB configuration.

*Working with AWS EKS? Here a best practices guide for security. Remember grasshoppers: security and privacy are zero-priority.

*If you´re late and don´t have a data lake yet to process all of your business insights to unlock new business models, Forbes brings a list of a top cloud storage providers. Spoiler alert: AWS S3 is the first on the list.

*You certainly had (or have) an incompetent manager. Living on this situation can take out your sanity, health and even your job. On this 5 min read, you´ll find out some explanation why those douchebags get promoted.

*I´ve been in quite concerts, but I don´t remember to see any so nice as the intro of Nathaniel Rateliff at Red Rocks.

*The importance of understand when it´s time to move forward of your job, even if it feels alright.

*To waste some time: Gif Ctrl

*Nowadays, 54 countries already using instant payment systems. But are you ready for the Central Bank Digital Currency? China got it first digital wallet snapshot last month. A lot of discussions such as the architecture of the “new money format”, the matter of decentralization and the risks of Central Banks to not adopt are already on the table. May the blockchain and DLTs will finally be more popular? Just raised my position in some stable and altcoins.

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Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in

*To finish, I´ll let a immersive video from NY in its early hours. Full screen it, put your earbuds, raise up the volume and remember how does it feels to be in the corner of the world as my father said (miss you dad).

miss ride a bike drunk in the middle of the night wearing a suit.

Thank you all for our time and if you believe this digest can be useful for any reason, share it! I´ll be glad!

Hope to see you next week!

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