Sugui Digest. SE01EP22- Traditions.

Hello everyone! Hope you´re safe and sane. As I said last week, I needed a recharge, provided by my family and a weekend out of my regular diet. This week was rough as all have been essentially since one chinese had the great idea to eat a bat without cooking properly but it was easier with great feedbacks and some dreamings coming true. Sad but happy for a team member leaving, happy for some newcomers and happy overall.

This week the main theme of this digest is traditions. Yesterday I was remembering that each saturday morning, I´d used to go to one of my favourite bars around the world, Adega Gauchao placed in SBC. Every saturday, at 9AM I was there with friends, driking cachaça, beer and eating grilled meat, pork belly and kind of boteco food. Other tradition is the sunday pasta (with rotisserie chicken) that follow me up for almost 25 years with my parents interspersed with all-day barbecues. What are yours? Leave a comment, remember your good old-times and let me know what traditions you´re creating amidst this shit era we´re living to give you strenght and keep you moving forward!

If you support this digest, please share with your friends! See you next week!

Trailer of the week: 007 — No time to die

nice suits, shooting, explosions. 007 in its essence.

Docuseries of the week: Netflix High Score. For living all the history told, I got a sentimental bond with that. Six episodes, easy, fast, nice.

*IaC is mandatory to every architect, sysadmin or professionals moving their careers. My suggestion to all companies I´ve been talking is to adopt it from the root and do it with Terraform for a few reasons, but the main is curving learn to talk one language for multiple cloud providers, infrastructure, network and database. But there´s a few reasons to use Terragrunt (I ain´t saying) but must be considered.

Git of the week: Terragrunt

*Pregnancy is such a magic thing. My three nephews prove me that. But normally, first pregnancy test is made with the girl peeing on a pharmacy-test. That piece of plastic has so much power of processing than a XT286.

imagine that pee over one of these could say if you´re gonna be a father.

*Learning repeatedly is one of the most requiredof individuals nowadays. One of most famous Alvin Toffler quotes: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” With that said, Find out a compilation of: 5 Best Cloud Computing Courses to learn in 2020, The Top 10 Programming Blogs in 2020 and The Top 16 Websites to Learn Programming in 2020.

*One of applications of High Processing Computing (HPC) is to create Monte Carlo Simulations. Using HPC you need to create a cluster, provision bids to use spot instances, configure batch, a repository to consume it to get the result. This is the traditional way. Tim Lou, PhD Bring to you a way to use this parallel simulations on BigQuery for free. If you have a PoC using Monte Carlo Simulations, this is the article you must read!

imagine do this simulations, millions of times, fast and for free.

*Last week I talked about Neuralink, a chip implanted on human´s brain. Some scientists has defeated some of Neuralink achievements (natural). But check out the newest evolution of Neuralink on the video below.


*Undoubtedly podcasts has been part of my daily info basis. But with several subjects (comedy, tech, news, leadership, management, etc) sometimes I get lost to make it more productive. All of this to give you tips to organize your listenings. In my case I make it simple: use Spotify with playback speed at 2x normally listening every early morning during my walks or cycling.

*What´s the best Wireless headphone nowadays? Last week I´ve been cycling, one of headphones fall down on the street and a car ran over it. Lucky me that I was using my 20-dollar airdots. Certainly if it was a 250 dollar headphone I´d be pissed.

*I´ve been following the chess championships on Twitch since the pandemics started (shy, but week or other I just have a peek). Hikaru Nakamura is the star of this show and you can follow him on his channel that has streamed more the 9 MILLION chess hours. Certainly so much better than see teenagers calling theirselves as e-sportists playing League of Legends on TV.

*Over the past weeks the cloud lock-in subject has reached the stage again. Always, in every company, you have at least one tech lock-in. Move on, get a life. But if you don´t want to use (the most famous lock-in) AWS Lambda, or Azure Functions or GCP Cloud Functions, try Knative. Deploy your K8s, cluster, install Knative, install Istio, Knative Cli and deploy your functions, test and make your point. OR install your fav cloud provider SDK (or a few clicks on console) and get a life.

*Some people has been consulting me to be their development manager, which I´m honored and flattered. And in our meetings, I´ve always bring my experience (good and bad) to give a perspective of a north to them. This week in a coincidence I reached the 23 Alternative Career Paths that Software Developers Can Grow Into. I´d just change Software Developers to tech people.

not an absolute truth.

*We´re advancing to the end of Google Next 2020. Last week the theme was App Modernization and as waited, massive Anthos, Istio, GKE and Mainframe Modernization. My highlights are: Cost optimization on Google Cloud, Anthos Deep Dive, Part 1 and Part 2, and obviously Mainframe Modernization.

we all know that´s Cornerstone under the hood, but with money Tiririca seems Brad Pitt.

*Google has released its 6 mo course that intend to replace colleges around the world for 300USD.

*At education, Microsoft has a great article to all tech careers ilustrated with relevant data regarding how technology can empower people.

*Talking in Microsoft, for the second year their compensation spreadsheet was revealed with some nice insights about career x money.

not only at Microsoft, for sure.

*Finally Brazil will have AWS billing in local currency, with taxes grouped in the same invoice. Changes start November 1st 2020 and you must change your tax settings on your payer account. For more info, visit the offical FAQ site.

*The AWS Cost Explorer has some interesting improvements over its APIs.

*For hands-on experience on AWS, visit the Awesome AWS Workshops. It has more than a 100 workshops in different subjects. Take a look and absolutely give a chance.

*For more convenient, easy and fast deployments, people sometimes use community images for their servers and containers. Needless to say it´s more than lazy, is dangerous. This is the main reason why you need to build your own images.

*Need a contact center with all functionalities of onprem deployments, all custom, with ML, NLP, automations, observability, auditable, fault-tolerant? AWS Connect can provide it to you and more. Check the blog post and some use of data include transcriptions of calls, NLP models over that trancript to understand for example the NPS of your product or company.

*AWS has some partners to Mainframe Modernization. Please check it out how BluAge move Cobol programs into Lambda functions on this Twitch video.

*Amazon CloudFront announces support for TLSv1.3 for viewer connections

*AWS X-Ray launches anomaly detection-based actionable insights in preview

*Save the date! September 29th the AWS Summit Americas lands virtually at 9AM BRT.

*For FSI strenght regulation, check this AWS blog post that shows how to create a flow to compliance demands for the industry.

A Deep Dive into Serverless Tracing with AWS X Ray & Lambda
Optimized shot-based encodes for 4K: Now streaming!
Develop and sell a Python API — from start to end tutorial




Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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Rafa Suguihara

Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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