Sugui Digest. SE01EP21 — Exhaustion

Hope you enjoy this digest this week. Be safe. I´ll recharge my batteries this week with my family. Hope to see you next week! If you support this digest, please share and feel free to let you feedbacks at the comments session.

Git of the week: Troposphere

*Check out the opinion of Paula Piccard of the 10 Best Data Science Platforms.

*Centralized logging and audit is a pre-req for all companies and environments. This guide will show you how to Seamlessly Join a Linux Instance to AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory

*I´m not a soccer fanatic, but still a fan. Using the analogy of Santos F.C. believing in young talents, I´ll let here 4 reasons to invest in entry-level cloud talent.

*One more testimonial of How to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam.

*Not on architecture? Developer? Top 5 Online Courses to become AWS Certified Developer Associate in 2020. (check Jon Bonso material, high level).

*Amazon has launched Amazon Halo, a wristband with steroids! Certainly in my wishlist. Some of the features based on privacy has amused me. And clearly so much better than tacky iwatch. The Verge brings a great overview of this new solution.

*Pick a time to read the full report of FBI regarding a russian cyberattack to Tesla Gigafactory.

*Once again, Raspberry Pi is mentioned here in this tutorial for begginners. You should try.

*While at home or during endless calls, power up your glutes.

*Developers, please, read it. We´re not obligated to light up our crystall balls to understand what the hell you want with your code.

*Quick guide to overview what is AIOps and MLOps.

*Check it out why has chosen GCP as their infrastructure platform.

*Talking in GCP, check it out what happen this week on Next2020.

*Tensorflow vs Pytorch. Nuff said.

*Shame of the week: 350 MILLION records opened in a misconfigured S3.

*With all Data articles, dropped here, what are the best BI tools to consume all this?

*Starting in development now (like me?). Rookie Git mistakes you should avoid.ta

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