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Sugui Digest. SE01EP19 — Challenges

Hello everyone! Hope you´re good and safe. There are situations where you must be precise on think, talk, act or wait. When you understand the severity of situation, you don´t give 100%. You give more. Countless later nights and early mornings to be prepared for the unpredictable. When it comes you know exactly the steps to solve the situation. A deploy, a mentoring, a meeting. All of that need to be tracked, planned, or some like to say, two-step ahead. To get ready for that, study, read, get together with your circle of trust, get insights, listen, write, ask for feedbacks. But if this is so simple, why just a few do that? Because high standards demands hard work. And hard work not everybody is willing to. But hard definetly pays off! Have a good week and if you support this digest, share it!

To please your ears, this week I bring Hugh Laurie (everybody lies) in the great Hugh Laurie — Let them talk. A series of classical blues songs are compiled on this album and with them, a short documentary rollled in New Orleans. My favourite track of this album is Tipitina, from Professor Longhair, recorded in 1953. Pour your fav single malt, light up a good cigar and enjoy your reading!

see you at the French Corner!

Comedy Special of the Week: Bill Burr — Paper Tiger. A great comedy special of one of my fav comedians of these times. Acidic, surgical, full of cursing, scurrilous and a raw evaluation of nowadays. Buckle up.

Git of the week: AWS Exposable Resources.

*Was Instagram Boomerang idea stealed? Can´t vouch for Zuckerberg and his gang.

*I do love cookies. Hard to know who doesn´t. But Remy Labesque took it to another level. Labesque is senior engineer of Tesla on solar roof panels and vehicle charge. In his spare time, developed the “perfect chocolate chip”.

And I was proud to write this journal in my spare time.

*After the software of 80´s running the ISS as I mentioned in some past edition, Boings 747 critical navigation databases are updated with floppy disks (!!!).

It might be my last use of floppy disks (good old times)

*Data is the driver for everything. And data careers are trending for the past two years with no deadline. Check this article with Top Data Science Videos, including an interview, and two tutorials.

*On this topic, Amazon Wants to Make You an ML Practitioner — For Free

*Talking about be cloud-fluent, Utah is building a cloud army of 5000 people.

*There´s no secret that I´m a fan of Single Board Computers (SBCs). Found 10 alternatives to Raspberry Pi (with projects!).

*Tired of virtual happy hours? Try those 5 alternatives to interaction with your team. (I´d rather move away from screens after 14 hours a day).

*Curiosity: How automatic rice pans were created.

*Live in the future is awesome. And I´m not talking about delivery services (love it) but I´m talking about satellites. Yes. You can be part of NyanSat project where you can have your own cheap ground station to infinite possibilities. I strongly recommend reading the project (awesome).

*A thing my father used to say to me is: “I´m telling you these things not to fight or address about what you´re doing. I´m telling you this to you take a shorter path, do not suffer with this and don´t make the same mistakes I did.” A popular saying is “if the advice was good it was not given, it sold”. But I make the same path of my father and advice young and unexperienced people. Check these 5 lessons told by an ancient. And enjoy the time you have with people older than you. (me again advicing)

*Netflix team released a post regarding Telltale, their monitoring system at a glance. Metrics that matter with alerts through slack. Intersting!

*BlackHat has been dropped virtually this year. The greatest security event in the planet brought massive content. PCMag compiled a list of great tracks and big concerns for nowadays and near future. Particularly my fav track was from the portuguese researcher Pedro Umbelino, that combined some flaws of Android that permits completely wipe of the device. For that, he received 8500USD. In my opinion he should receive at least 10x of that. Enjoy the video!

Some issues when building an AWS data lake using Spark and how to deal with these issues
Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech
Lessons Learned From The Front Line of Analytics
Guide To Understanding Artificial Intelligence




Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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Rafa Suguihara

Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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