back there to 2014, a great irresponsible night with my best friends

Sugui Digest. SE01EP18 — Friendship

Hello everyone! Welcome aboard to our 18th edition. Hope you´re good and safe. If you can, keep home.
I always had a small family. He forced me from a very young age to develop friendships with whoever was close. My first and best friend to date is my sister (I love you). But over the years, I have been collecting friends of whom I am proud. In particular, the college years bring me friends for life. They were there in my best and worst years, and until 17 years after we met, when we talked, it looks like we’re still in college. Few, but gold. Certainly some co-workers become friends, and for all of you, thank you for making my life great!

Book of the week: Effin Birds. High dose of acid humor. I bought mine last year and it´s superb. To relax of our daily stressful routine.

To please your ears this week, the suggestion is Lee Fields & The Expressions — Faithful Man. Pour your coffee and enjoy!

Git of the week: How to Secure Anything

*Social circles are curious. Always you´ll have someone that you disagree, has different toughts, etc. This plurality encourage innovation and overall is great. But there´s the downside of that. In your family you can dodge that ant, you can evade colleagues talking about nonsense, but at your workplace, you unfortunately can´t flee imbeciles. For that, check out this article, and while that, take your nervous gastritis medicine.

Bob and Doug are back to Earth after 63days docked on ISS and 19 hours in a way back home. The first splash after 45 years, was a success.

*Each dot on this site is a historical fact. Superb.

*For AWS newcomers, sales and engineers, check this track of 5 hours from *scratch to Cloud Practitioner.

*And to get more hands-on practices on AWS, check this workshops, and do not forget to turn off your environments.

*Are you a serverless fan? Like AWS Lambda? But how to measure cost and performance once its too fast and too cheap? This Git repositorie is an OSS project created by Alex Casalboni, called AWS Lambda Power Tuning. It uses Lambda and AWS Step Functions.

*Talking about Lambda, check this short (but reveal) article Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function.

*AWS Kinesis is one of my favourite products o all catalog. It is simple to use, powerful and very versatile. But, as any product in AWS, you must keep the costs tied down. Records Aggregation can save you lots of money in high frequency environments.

*Check the AWS July Review created by Cloudonaut to have a brief wrap-up.

*One of responsabilities of an architect is to evangelize developers to best practices and tools to avoid data leaks and create secure environments. Instead of credentials files, password vaults such AWS Secrets Manager and Hashicorp are the option. But what are the differences of them?

*Finally Netflix has a function of playback speed. Now we can have almost double of fun in the same amount of time. Please do 2x playback speed.

*Last week I´ve talked about Single Board Computers, highlighting Raspberry Pi. This week, I bring TechRepublic fliboard as they called “Here is everything you need to know about Raspberry Pi, as well as its alternatives.” Enjoy!

*Adding to Raspi projects, Crowpi2 is a great project to encourage your kids to have the first contact to programming and science. Remember that my first contact with eletronic devices was disassembly an old clock radio that my parents used to left at headboard of their bedroom. Obviously I couldn´t assemble it again and resulted in flogging.


*Now you can manage your Active Directory objects through Terraform. Group Policys (GPOs), users, groups, organizational units (OUs) and computers can be managed in a simple way than powershell or GUI. Experimental yet, but you can test and follow the evolution on git repository.

*I´m a watches fan. But not as much Jay-z is. Check this GQ gallery of luxury watches.

*Open Source Security Foundation has a new member: Microsoft. Joined with GitHub, Google, IBM, JPMC, NCC Group, OWASP Foundation, and Red Hat, the OpenSSF initiative has some goals, such as Identifying Security Threats to Open Source Projects, Security Tooling, Security Best Practices and Vulnerability Disclosure. Check the official site and git. Keep it close!

*This was the fourth Google Cloud Next week talking about Security. Give a try to these tracks: Master Security and Compliance in the Public Cloud, The Future of Data Protection, Scale-up Security Telemetry, Authentication for Anthos Clusters, Hybrid Data Security and Cloud HSM best practices. Each video is around 20 mins, so it´s easy to get all suggestions covered.

*Cloud journey is coupled with automation, devops and now, finops. Check my article of why you need to tease executive, engineering and financial areas to sustain your decisions.

*Linux has announced its new kernel. Version 5.8 is “The Biggest Release of All Time” named by none other than Linus Torvalds on this email. To check out all of detailed improvements and changes, click here.

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“Me amam abertamente, me odeiam discretamente”




Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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Rafa Suguihara

Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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