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Sugui Digest. SE01EP13 — Daydreaming

Hi everyone. Hope you´re safe keeping the same daily paranoia wearing masks, washing hands and keep social distancing. We reached the 13th edition that particularly is my favourite one. We´ll talk about the sun, management, security, AWS, MS, legacy and at the Too Long; Don´t Read session, we have India vs China, the suicide of a investor who thought was in debt, Kafka (do you really need it?) and a day of outage at Slack. Hope you enjoy!

To make company to you this week, Blues Pills — Lady in Gold (Live in Paris) is the suggestion for this week.

Book of the Week: Thinking Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman.
This book I gifted for some of my friends when they got promoted because the life is not the same when you have a team and must evolve yourself to have (or seems to) control of your emotions, actions and anxiety.

*One of the wonders of cloud, is to change the course of things in flight. The strategy created a year, months or days ago can and must be changed if they´re not working or if you can increase quality. And in this article, AWS shows how to change your encryption keys to KMS.One of most used apps and biggest AWS technology cases, Netflix recommends movies, serials and comedy specials to your profile, but do you know how does it happen?

*Working with Python? What is your setup? Share your experience in the comments session.

*Saving plans for EC2 are piece of cake. But How to pick the right saving plans for Serverless Workloads?

*Fan or not, you know what Big Brother Brasil is about. During this year edition, 271 MILLION tweets were writed regarding the TV show, an increase of 10x from previous year. How Twitter managed? AWS Cloudfront and GCP Cloud Load Balancing.

*Someone love, someone hate. Undeniable is TrackPad is historical mainly in Thinkpad models and extensible to other models such as Dell Latitude series. The Verge has a nice series called Button of the Month and this edition has the history of Trackpad.

source: The Verge

*Music is part of my daily basis since I took my discman while rollerblading in 90s. Since then, MP3 players such as Foston (feel old yet?), iPods and currently my phone follows me in different times. All of that to thank Mr. Nobutoshi Kihara, inventor of Walkman, who turned 40.

*Discovered this week, Cyber Podcast, from Vice. And that led to an article regarding the bust of an underground organization that based their communication through Encrochat. Millions of Euros, luxury cars, and drugs, lots of drugs.

*Google Next, as announced here, this year will be digital and the schedule, sessions are available. Let´s see what GCP brings this year.

*This week Microsoft has launched the Well Architected Framework. It´s based on five pillars: Cost optimization, Operational excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability and Security. Great, but I think I saw something “similar” for the past few years, the AWS Well Architected Framework, that is based in five pillars (really?): Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optmization. C´mon guys…

*I´d like to bring a Legacy Modernization Apps series regarding how do we got here and moves to the future. What they are, the approaches, and a lead for where are we going. A must-read for who´s looking ahead.

*Check this timelapse of 10 years of the sun. It was compiled in 1 hour and has used 425.000.000 of high resolution images and impressive 20 Exabytes of data. If you want more info, check Nasa statement.

*Agile people, please get your things together and make a decision please? Kanban, Lean, XP, Scrum… This article says why Kanban (till next week or while stock availability).

*What does your manager do all day? The article romanticizes the role, but what I see is meetings (majority useless) and don´t get crazy.

*I love to travel but I hate the intricacies of that. Pack, uber, checkin, security check, line, accomodate luggage, delays… What if we have teleport effectivily working?

*Future is terryfing. From cryonics (Michael Jackson?) to Ultra realistic sex-dolls nothing scares me more than low-code development. AWS released Honeycode, to simple the job of building mobile apps. It may work, but this is a philosophical discussion (see COBOL at 70s, 80s).

*Follow Marcelo Palladino and his series regarding AWS CDK. Very helpful when you´re working with native AWS IaC.

*New channel Dev AWS in Youtube brings weekly news and walkthroughs regarding new and existent AWS products. Every Wednesday and Sunday at 8PM BRT.

*Tour de France this year go virtual anchored by Zwift. Will it work?

*Does a closed loop include the corners of every kind of rectangle? Joshua Greene and Andrew Lobb crack this century-old problem. Not to do? Read carefully.

*AWS has launched a Multi-Region Application Architecture leveraging managed services such as S3 and DynamoDB. A helpful guide to reach global redundancy.

*These two findings are lit for security and governance to check and remediate vulnerabilities in AWS accounts. RedDolphin based on Python and DowJones Hammer powered with notifications through Slack and Jira. If we think further, we could make some ML models with Sagemaker.

source: DowJones Hammer

*Do you use TikTok? After read this article, where a reverse engineering process revealed the dirty guts of tool, I hope you reconsider, delete the app and over all, stop make stupid people famous.

Kafka, for your data pipeline? Why not? (Don´t know what Kafka is?)
A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack
India Bans TikTok and WeChat, Launching an App War on China
The lockdown death of a 20-year-old day trader
The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: A Survey

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Hopefully see you next week!




Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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