Sugui Digest SE01EP04- masks on

Rising from the ashes like Kim Jong-Un (really?) the fourth edition is live! Hope you´re safe, and God, how I miss my family and friends.

For this week, Bill Withers and some IPA as side dish to your reading. Enjoy!

*Book of the Week
Skin in the Game. Nassim Taleb. Heard this expression a couple of times this week. Be prepared to learn about finance, politics, relationships and understand that repetition of exposure is critical. Risks are cumulative.

*Starting with a complete Microsoft Azure AZ-900 course on youtube for free.

*Jean-Claude Van Damme is helping you to get fit during lockdown.

*Polestar2 the electric car front competitor to Tesla will be available this summer for 60k USD. On the other side of fence, Elon Musk in a few tweets wipe 14 billions of Tesla´s value.

*AWS has released a new region in Europe. The new region is located in Milan, Italy and counts with three Availability Zones (AZs). Now AWS has presence in 24 geographic regions and 3 more coming soon (Osaka, Spain and Jakarta).

*DockerCon arrives digitally in May 28th. Make your register, select your track and hope you enjoy!

*Quote of the week
I don’t have a mental block about betting $38,314 on one trivia question. It’s only money.” JAMES HOLZHAUER

*If you want to spend a thousand dollars in a modern kite, DJI Mavic Air 2 will be a good choice in mid May.

*To help quarantined families, The Japan Retro Game Association (exercise your japanese) is donating 100 Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) with Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy IV.

*We face lots of tech launches everyday. But do you remember what Died in 2019?

*Looking for a good fitness tracker to your indoor and outdoor activities? Here a list of 10 Best Fitness Trackers for 2020. My Forerunner 235 still is a good choice and Apple Watch is tacky.

*What about an adventure in Mauritania? Adrian Guerin describes 26 Hours on a Saharan Freight Train

*Got an assignment to architect a new project in AWS and need to decide between ECS and EKS? Check this reference article to give you a direction.

*Coming soon the RHEL8.2. Red Hat announced late april its new version and you can check it out the major upgrades here.

*Doubts around how many memory you lambda function must have? Studies shows that an insertion of a registry in DynamoDB could cost 400ms with 128MB and 50ms with 256MB. Some of these tweaks can be found here.

*A difficult assignment on my daily basis is to interview people. Discover who they are, what are their motivation, how to make them confortable to talk about their experiences and then make an appropriate judgement of their technical capabilities. For that I´ve been reading, listening and talk with more experienced professionals. Facebook has shared a good article about it.

*Shame of the week goes to Kinomap, fitness app who leaked 42 million records of users through an open Elasticsearch Database.

*Too Long, Don´t Read
How to encourage inclusive feedback
To Run My Best Marathon at Age 44, I Had to Outrun My Past
How Istio Works Behind the Scenes on Kubernetes

*In times of WFH, we lost a part of the house we liked (transformed in the office), just have three days on the week (yesterday, today and tomorrow) and the increase of work seems we´re working in constantly jetlag. To shutdown after work, these tips can be useful. My decompression routine is based on waking up early (5:30am) for a walk or run, talk with close friends, cook and write this digest. Hope it be useful for someone.

*Once we´re now responsible of all domestic tasks, I´ve increased my consume of podcasts of all kinds and I´ll share my list here. Hope you do the same on my comments box. Set the playback speed to 2x and enjoy!

-The Cloudcast;
-Google Cloud Platform Podcast;
-HBR IdeaCast;
-Jocko Podcast;
-Kubernetes Podcast by Google;
-Hipsters Ponto Tech;
-Cabeça de Lab;
-Pedro Lemos Não Importa (till ep28);
-Jump of the Cast;
-Segurança Legal;

And the brand new:
-Podcast GFT;
-Podcast AWS Brasil.

And that´s all for this week. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed this edition and hope we can keep safe next week.

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own