Improving customer care with Amazon Connect and Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Connect flow sample.
High Level Design of the solution
  1. Amazon Connect processes call.
  2. The call ended, the recording is stored in an S3 bucket.
  3. A lambda trigger invokes Amazon Transcribe API
  4. After Transcribe process the document, the result is stored in another S3 bucket.
  5. The stored transcribed document will invoke another Lambda that will call Amazon Comprehend API.
  6. After Comprehend process, the document will store the results on a Data Store S3 bucket.
  7. The results will be consumed by Amazon Quicksight dashboards that will give insights to enrich data on your site, reducing calls.




Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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Rafa Suguihara

Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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