Back in time, in a startup project, the request was explicit: “I don’t want the customer care hotline ringing.” We had some regulatory items to accomplish like call recordings, long-term retention of multiple systems, and high availability of all systems.

So, once everything was set on AWS, I had the idea to use Amazon Connect. Creating the environment and integrating it with other AWS services like S3, Polly was innovative.

Amazon Connect flow sample.

The idea was to create an Amazon Connect flow with fundamental interactions, validations on our user database, record everything, and process documents. Amazon Connect is already a great product, and…

“Mainframes are dead in the next years.”

Mainframes won’t die. Retail, Banking, Insurance, Government, and Airlines rely their operations on mainframes. And it won’t be different for the following years. Until those companies understand and unlock cloud superpowers to their systems, each tech professional’s responsibility is to integrate mainframes into new architectures and modern designs.

The primary motivators to modernize mainframes are:

  • skills
  • cost reduction
  • flexibility
  • agility
  • innovation
  • risk mitigation

All of those motivators are fair from a business perspective. Skill shortage is a fact. The appeal to learn Cobol is hugely smaller than others like Python, Java, and C#…

Hello Everyone. Hope you´re safe. This episode is to say that is the season finale. For 22 weeks we had a weekly meeting where I share some of my experiences and some of my fears. Was good to be with you. But it´s time to have a break. Reorganize the purpose of this digest and use my time to focus in the challenges ahead (believe me, they´re huge). Sometime soon I´ll come here again to talk to with you, share some news and get along.

Until here, my most sincere thank you, with votes to you spend more time with your families, friends, beloved ones in general.

If you could, share what did you like most and what you dislike. This is important to the second season.

Keep safe and hope to see you soon!

Hello everyone! Hope you´re safe and sane. As I said last week, I needed a recharge, provided by my family and a weekend out of my regular diet. This week was rough as all have been essentially since one chinese had the great idea to eat a bat without cooking properly but it was easier with great feedbacks and some dreamings coming true. Sad but happy for a team member leaving, happy for some newcomers and happy overall.

This week the main theme of this digest is traditions. Yesterday I was remembering that each saturday morning, I´d used to go…

Hope you enjoy this digest this week. Be safe. I´ll recharge my batteries this week with my family. Hope to see you next week! If you support this digest, please share and feel free to let you feedbacks at the comments session.

Git of the week: Troposphere

*Check out the opinion of Paula Piccard of the 10 Best Data Science Platforms.

*Centralized logging and audit is a pre-req for all companies and environments. This guide will show you how to Seamlessly Join a Linux Instance to AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory

*I´m not a soccer fanatic, but still…

Hello everyone. Thank you to come with me at the 20th edition. Hope you´re great and most important: safe. This week we talk about cloud, security, space, career, data and coffee.

Anger is a feeling that is present (almost) every single day of my life. Since I was a kid struggling on my PE classes till my daily routine. Stupid questions, lies, endless pointless conversations, incompetence, nonsense, centralization, political views, news, covid, they´re all gasoline to my anger engine. It costs me more in the past, such like work positions (“how can you say if it does even have logs?”)…

“Hi, I´m Winston Wolf, I solve problems.”

Hello everyone! Hope you´re good and safe. There are situations where you must be precise on think, talk, act or wait. When you understand the severity of situation, you don´t give 100%. You give more. Countless later nights and early mornings to be prepared for the unpredictable. When it comes you know exactly the steps to solve the situation. A deploy, a mentoring, a meeting. All of that need to be tracked, planned, or some like to say, two-step ahead. To get ready for that, study, read, get together with your circle of trust, get insights, listen, write, ask for…

back there to 2014, a great irresponsible night with my best friends

Hello everyone! Welcome aboard to our 18th edition. Hope you´re good and safe. If you can, keep home.
I always had a small family. He forced me from a very young age to develop friendships with whoever was close. My first and best friend to date is my sister (I love you). But over the years, I have been collecting friends of whom I am proud. In particular, the college years bring me friends for life. They were there in my best and worst years, and until 17 years after we met, when we talked, it looks like we’re still in…

Hello everyone! Hope you´re all good. Time to time, we must take a break for ourselves. Read a book, listen new music, or doing nothing. I have some weekly tasks and particulary, past week was too heavy. But that ended and now, I´m chilling at home.Hope you enjoy this edition and found some time to your family!

To get along with your reading, my suggestion is Jorge Ben — Solta o Pavão (1975). Highlight to “Se Segura Malandro”.

Git of the week: Awesome GPT-3. And how it works.

Shame of the week goes to: Garmin and a Russian ransomware that…

it´s all about trust.

Nobody succeeds alone. There´s a need of support, critics, or even listening. I like to split partnership in two: commercial ones and for life. Commercial partnerships could evolve to your personal cycle, what is more common and more successful in my shallow experience. The life partnerships are hardest but you choose to be on them. I´m grateful to have both kinds and certainly it makes me a better person. The picture that illustrates this post, is from Riggs and Murtaugh, played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. It´s one of my favourite movie series, used to watch with my dad…

Rafa Suguihara

Encrypt Everything. Opinions are my own

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